Context & Narrative – Maria Short

Context & Narrative is a part of a series of several books devoted to exploring and developing an understanding of the artistic theories and technical practices of photography.

This entry to the series is book 2 of the set and looks to introduce the concepts and context and narrative to the reader.

Despite having covered a lot of reading into the concepts in Expressing Your Vision I still found the book useful and informative. As well as recovering the original foundations of the concepts the book introduces several new photographers and theorists to further research and examine.

One of the most useful aspects of the book, and others of this series, is the way the text is structured. Starting each chapter with a singular goal which builds on the previous chapter and guides the reader through a series of actions to build a conceptual idea for a project. At each point discussing the benefits of each step as well as ways to fulfil or challenge the expectation.

Some of the most useful information I took from this book was the use and clarification of nomenclature associated with artist intent, putting names to techniques or theories I had previously not considered or simply didn’t know the name for. Also the introduction of theorists on philosophy, photography and associated fields such as semiotics, all of which point the reader to further reading and potential further development.

I would recommend this book for anyone on the Context & Narrative course of study regardless of the level as there is a wealth of potential learning here to support conceptual development.


4 thoughts on “Context & Narrative – Maria Short

    1. I’ve been getting a lot of mine as pdf downloads from various online sources, that and the Uni library online. Only bad thing is when they don’t have a download copy and you have to view online which is a pain when it times out 😤

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      1. That’s a good idea, I seem to have spent a lot on books! The only thing for me is that I am not very good at reading from the screen for some reason, so prefer to have a piece of paper or book in my hands, maybe its an age thing.

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      2. Agree with you in that. It’s much easier in the eye when in book form. Unfortunately finances dictate scavenging as much free stuff as possible 😂 that and having a kindle or iPad makes it more palatable plus I can open a notes app next to the text and write directly on that

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