Behind The Image – Natasha Caruana & Anna Fox

Behind The Image is the 3rd in the series of books ’Basics Creative Photography’.

So far, this has been the one that has been the most useful for myself. Beyond the introduction of basic techniques and theories in previous texts, this book goes beyond the practice and into the development of projects as individual works or most interestingly as part of a commission or funded endeavour.

The reader is introduced to and informed of the importance of research, archives, supportive context and wider impact of pushing the medium forward.

As an individual it is easy to overlook the importance of research ad. Documentation when developing concepts and projects but, it is the depth and quality of this work which will be the difference between introducing new ideas and making a good picture. I for one have always struggled with keeping good research reference and conceptual development reference, and whilst in EYV and CAN the requirements are super high for these points, my goal is to be working on the cutting edge of theory and reading this book has not only reminded and instilled in me the desire to improve my documenting and writing but also given me several tools to instigate better archiving and presentation of that work.

For those that are really looking to develop their work beyond the image making I think this is an essential read especially if research and documentation is a development area for their practice.

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