Research for Assignment 2


America’s Loneliness Epidemic Has Hidden in Plain Sight for Years. Coronavirus Is Changing That (s.d.) At: (Accessed 04/06/2020).Combatting Loneliness in the Elderly during the Coronavirus Outbreak (s.d.) At: 04/06/2020).Covid-19, social isolation and loneliness | Iriss (s.d.) At: (Accessed 04/06/2020).Gabbatt, A. (2020) ‘‘Social recession’: how isolation can affect physical and mental health’ In: The Guardian 18/03/2020 At: 04/06/2020).Has coronavirus made people lonelier? (s.d.) At: (Accessed 04/06/2020).Lockdown and isolation – Covid’s impact on the South’s mental health (s.d.) At: (Accessed 04/06/2020).read, D. S. J. M.-A.-20 · 5 mins (s.d.) COVID-19: how to cope with loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic. At: (Accessed 04/06/2020).Social isolation (2020) In: Wikipedia. At: 04/06/2020).The risks of social isolation (s.d.) At: (Accessed 04/06/2020).

2 thoughts on “Research for Assignment 2

    1. Yeah I would be interested in seeing others for other parts of the world but most of the searching brought up U.S reports. I think it is a subjective thing for most people and I wouldn’t like to bet on the accuracy 🙂


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