Assignment 1 – Tutor Feedback

Tutor Feedback

Having submitted my first draft of this assignment and now receiving feedback from my Tutor I will be looking to make some revisions based on some points raised in the video call and written feedback.

Overall the feedback was positive, my Tutor was praiseful of the concept and execution relating to the work on the level that I had approached the idea and reaffirming the success of the execution. My Tutor noted how I had used differing techniques effectively and correctly stated that ‘…while this probably won’t be the greatest piece of work that you’ll ever make, it’s still an assignment that points towards someone with really promising observational skills…’ A comment I really appreciate as I do work a lot from my instincts about topics and sometimes feel I may be over reaching, a point that was raised during EYV that I may be thinking in too much scope.

In regards to criticism of the assignment my Tutor raised a very valid point that the curation of the images could have been tighter as there are cases of repetition within the images and this will be the core of the changes I make to the selection for final draft.

Another point raised by my Tutor is that they would like to see more detailed research to support the concept and message of the images. Whilst the work I had done towards this assignment was adequate they felt that more research outside of the realm of photography would be appropriate. For example reading into the behaviours and rituals of people. Another point that is valid and I will look to improve in the future.

Reflection on Final Draft and Feedback

Overall I am more pleased with the feedback than I expected as I felt I have been struggling to motivate myself and develop ideas recently. A point that when discussing with my tutor I will look to bring into my next assignment. The feedback on the work was very fair and clear, which I feel has given me the ‘permission’ to cut back on the final selection of images from the original 12 images to 10. this has given the set a better visual flow with all landscape framing, triples on the themes and a tighter set with less repetition of ideas. This also allowed me the ability to display the images a little more coherently with the theme shifting across the set. The points about improving my contextual research are valid and I look forward to pulling ideas and concepts from alternative mediums and fields. It is something I have always struggled on communicating with my work as my ideas come from so many sources across years of enjoying film, documentary and art that I never really made note or reference to where those ideas come from so it feels a little like rediscovering those initial influences to support my ongoing development.

I’m looking forward to the next assignment more having taken the first steps in this new unit and with new concepts ahead I feel more motivated and engaged by the possibilities. Hopefully we will see a little more freedom in the world with the relaxing of the lockdown restrictions which will help with my own personal lockdown depression!

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